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Scandinavian Homes

[ By Diyana J , 25th June 2021 ]

There’s a reason as to why Scandinavian Homes are particularly popular. I believe this can all be attributed to its neutral easy-to-work-with palette, minimal blueprint and a very specific need for harmonious conversation in between materials, light, warmth and colour. Scandinavian spaces typically maintain themes extracted from the outdoors, bringing in the pleasant elements of nature indoors.

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

Light- lots of it.

It’s a no brainer. If you gravitate towards white, beiges and light wooden tones, chances are you prefer illuminated spaces that feel more freeing and less constricting. The Scandinavian aesthetic has carefully calculated a specific formula for balancing light and textiles to achieve that seamless blend perfect for a peaceful atmosphere. Imagine stepping into a room that pulls you away from a cluttered fast-paced urban life, and into one that relaxes the mind, releases the tension in your shoulders and gives you a breath of fresh air. That’s the power of light- and how multiple designers have manipulated it in such a way to makes homes more inviting and intimate. So often, these small details go overlooked. Invest in off-white see-through curtains that can give your living rooms that dappled light effect. Or how about adding simple home accessories like a woven mat or a grey knitted drape over the couch. Play with natural textiles in your home in such a way that when you let in natural daylight through the windows, all of these different elements are eye-catching in a deliberate manner.

Diversity in Simplicity.

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

A large part of Scandinavian inspired homes draws from minimalism. There is absolutely no room for clutter and everything in a space is kept simple but unique; from the wall art to the furniture to the accent walls. Each element of the house pulls inspiration from another, and this way you can keep a diverse but singular conversation running through the entire home- maintaining a sense of elegance in a harmonious environment. The obvious characteristic that makes Scandinavian spaces so distinguishable is how simple its design is. From couches with pin legs, small round coffee tables and shiplap walls. It makes use of organic shapes and straight lines to create that no-mess, no-clutter look. And obviously, this makes it the most sought-after aesthetic. We commonly prioritize tidiness in our homes, and having less chairs and just a few decorative plants and artworks is also budget-friendly. It’s a win-win situation.

Wooden you know?

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

From first glance, Scandinavian homes mostly interlace wooden accents of beech, ash and pine wood for their lighter tones. Though we’ve touched on the importance of creating a harmonious environment in terms of tone and texture, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in your living room space should strictly range from whites to beiges. Experiment with warm tones to offset different sections in any large space. For example, if you had opted for an open-concept kitchen to keep up with that freeing, open atmosphere, you can choose to section the kitchen off by employing different wooden textures for shelving, dining tables or bar stools for your kitchen island. Point is, not every element in a space is required to be one single colour. Darker tones of wood can also add a focal point to a space- serving as a key element that not only highlights the brightness found in the surrounding surfaces, they also make your neutral colours and textiles stand out.

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to elements such as these; bright spaces, warm lighting, the familiar smells we associate with home. The list goes on. I could illustrate to you what I personally feel makes up a home but the fact is that it’s such a subjective topic. All in all, the Scandinavian style has really nailed to the board, the key factors that the majority of us prioritize in our homes.


Photos by Irfan Rosli (@_roniin)

Location: Urban Salvation Main Gallery

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