The Smallest Details

[ By Diyana J , 7th May 2021 ]

It seems fitting now, to write about wood. I’ll confess, I hadn’t thought much about it despite being surrounded by countless wooden furniture pieces in my own home. From shelving to mirrors, cupboards and coffee tables, at first glance I didn’t notice the subtle differences in texture, knots, grains and color. I feel a little foolish now; gosh even the blinds in my bedroom are made of narrow wooden planks, why hadn’t I noticed this earlier?

Photo by Irfan Rosli

Wood- it’s a style choice to feature it in one’s personal abode. Some would describe it as rustic. Other’s a classic. Wooden furnishings are often seen in offices and restaurants and really, no one would give it a second glance. But ever since talking to the team, overhearing their conversations debating about their clientele’s needs versus wants, preferences and design choices, really, I’ve started to question if we’ve actually been taking it for granted.

Photo by Irfan Rosli

For example, the ambience wood gives as a medium in a four-walled space. There’s warmth. There’s also light coming in through the windows, in between curtains, highlighting the grain and texture of coffee tables and study desks. There’s this illusion of a brighter, warmer, wider space. There’s sturdiness when I sit at my office desk here, writing this down, and comfort the way I know the seats in perhaps, the morning train won’t lend me.

Here’s what I think. The warmth that wood is able to lend a space, can be attributed to its natural color palette.; from cognac, tobacco, red mahogany, black walnut. These are some of the names of wood stains that you may have seen before. Now that I think about it, I’ve always preferred offices with wooden desks; it feels more put-together, despite the clutter of files and documents scattered about. Even the elaborate cafes I’ve frequented to, to read and write, have somehow coincidentally featured wooden tables and seating. Sometimes I don’t even glance at the menu- I look at the ambience of the space itself, what kind of mood it incites, so I might hopefully better my writing that particular day.

Photo by Irfan Rosli

Take for instance, the long office desk Zul and I share at the warehouse. Personally, it’s my favorite piece. Held up by two iron-wrought bases of old sewing machines (genius really), I’ve always admired it. We use wine glasses to hold our kopitiam coffee on the left side of the desk. There are two laptops on the right, a little clutter here and there but the table itself makes me take a step back, to properly look at it and appreciate it as if it was a piece of art.

Perhaps because it is art- even with the mess of papers and laptops.

Photos by Irfan Rosli (@_roniin)

Location: Urban Salvation Main Gallery

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