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Inspired by the spiraling waves of a tranquil ocean, the Hyōnosen is an artistic interpretation of the Japanese quote 水の流れと人の行末 when translated means "the flow of water and the future of human beings is uncertain." Master Potters Lim Kim Hui and Shee Bee Heo have worked on their craft relentlessly with over 40 years of experience, and throughout this time, pottery as an artcraft has taught them tactfully how to adjust to the modern times- presumably flowing, like water.

氷の山 Hyōnosen

  • Length: 15cm
    Width: 15cm
    Height: 23cm


    *All Ceramics are handcrafted by Ceramic House. Each design is unique and only one piece is available per design.

     Due to screen differences, the actual color may vary slightly.

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