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Made with Food-Grade White Mineral Oil & Organic Beeswax.


Such balms for wood & resin care usually come in mineral oil or beeswax that requires you to leave it to dry over a long period of time, but our concoction creates an easy-to-apply balm for wood and/or resin homeware. 

It is common to use olive oil, beeswax or the like by pouring onto wood surfaces then rubbing it in. But we find that it is a hassle to do so - imagine pouring liquid oil onto a surface then wiping it with a cloth! 


Our solution: An easy-to-apply balm for your homeware made from wood, resin, or jesmonite.  


Application is easy! TLDR:


1. Ensure your product is clean and dry. Take a clean cloth and take a dab of balm from the tin.
2. Rub balm onto wood surface in a circular motion across the surface until it is waxy to touch, with a matte shine.
3. Leave balm to set for 30 - 60 mins, or up til 24 hours, and wipe any excess off. It is ready to use! For best results, repeat with a second coat. 
4. Apply regularly (every 2-3 months) for good maintenance.

Organic Balm for Wood & Resin Care

  • Large (70g) - for larger items like furniture (tables, chairs, TV consoles, cabinets)

  • We only ship to locations within Singapore. 

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