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Imprinted with the skeleton of a fish, the Saisei is an artpiece that Master Lim Kim Hui created to embody the cycle of life. Touching upon the old and at its border, is a rush of blue mimicking ocean waves that sweep up what is old to the ocean floor.

魚の水を得たるが如し / 水に放たれた魚のよう when translated means "After getting out of hardship or a hard spot in life, you find yourself (swimming around vigorously like a fish) in a place where you can finally stretch yourself and play a more active role than before." Life has its ups and downs, and it is one of Master Potter Lim's hopes that Saisei can serve as a reminder of one of life's important lessons.

再生 Saisei

  • Length: 38cm
    Height: 2.5cm


    *All Ceramics are handcrafted by Ceramic House. Each design is unique and only one piece is available per design.

     Due to screen differences, the actual color may vary slightly.

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