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A New Journey: Oh 2022, what to expect?

Written by Hanafiee Azlee/ 5th January 2022

As the new year settles in, a new journey has begun for all of us. New goals and expectations float in the air as I struggle to grasp the reality of this new shift. Many of us may have planned what we would like to achieve this year and some may not. Either way it is the start of something new, fresh, authentic and different. A new journey does not necessarily mean a planned one or something we must always keep in mind at the back of our heads. Like they say, a lost journey is a journey that one has yet to explore! So, this blog will gravitate toward a personal approach, just a little but about myself here and there.

So, what are my goals/expectations this year?

Well, to be frank, I am not really sure either. Everything is still pretty new and fresh to me. I am quite aware that I will be serving NS this year, unfortunately, I cannot really do anything about it. So, that is a journey for me to uncover and experience it myself, despite rumors I’ve heard from my friends about how good or bad NS is. I believe it is how you perceive it! Someone can literally give you a basket of fruits and you can either make fresh-pressed cold juice out of it or eat it raw. It all depends on how one makes it up to be!

Though, that does not invalidate the stresses and the problems they may go through, which scares me the most actually. I guess it is the fear of not knowing what life has in store for me that has caused a lot of restriction to the freedom of options in my life. Though, many have told me that it is better to take a leap of faith than to succumb to the obscurity of life. So, I guess in 2022, I would love to build the courage to do something that is completely beyond my comfort zone and to embrace the power of acceptance, be it through rejection or disappointment, knowing that some things can’t go my way and make the best out of the circumstances.

I know I already have a plentiful of plants, to a point where I am even considering throwing away one of my beds, just so I can get other shelves to fill it up with nothing but plants! However, as much as it is very financial consuming, it is very therapeutic. I find joy in investing my time, watering my plants, and checking on them to ensure that there are no pests or diseases. To be able to see them grow and mature under your care feels like a blessing that has been cast over you. It promises you hope and strengthens your faith into

believing that you are doing the right thing. Many will not look at it as deeply as I do. Again, we all perceive things differently! There is no wrong or right! Long story short, I would like to have more plants to be taken under my care while spending it under a standardized budget.

One of my biggest setbacks is actually not being confrontational when the situation needs me to be. I will tend to let things slide, which results in building up emotional baggage. That is not healthy at all as I will have the tendency to be petty or passive-aggressive to the people around me, which may cause me to hurl words that may unintentionally hurt them. In this new year, I would like to better understand my emotions and react actively and consciously to how I project my feelings to those around me. With that being said, I have to stand my ground and be aware of what is happening to ensure that I react in accordance with how the situation needs me to. As they say, prevention is better than finding a solution.

I would love to reconcile with those that I have distanced myself from in 2021. I mean, after all, we are all humans. We are not bound to stay in someone’s life forever. Though, it is hard, to see that those we have had beautiful moments with, slowly fade away as time passes by. Hence, in hopes of being a better individual in this new year, I would like to reconnect with those that I may have unconsciously apart myself from. Speaking of which, I would really love to spend my time more with my family as well! As the year passes by, we will age and wrinkle. Henceforth, I would like to make good use of my time to deepen and strengthen the connections with my family members.

There are definitely more goals and expectations I would like to achieve and share with you guys, but I will then probably fill up 5 pages to do that! I wish you guys a safe 2022 and I believe that you can achieve the goals and expectations you have set for yourself this year! It is going to be a tough, beautiful year for all of us. What matters most is that we are appreciative and constantly thankful for what we have- be that time or the people we love.

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