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Am I A Tiger Mom?

Hello friends of US!


In 2019, announcements were made to scrap mid-year examinations for some levels by 2021. Bite-sized assessments are used to identify what students have mastered and the areas they have difficulties with. In 2022, updates to scrap mid-year examinations for all levels by 2023 as “Positive impact” was sighted.

I am from the full-based examination era. I believe that certain level of stress is good and assessing if the knowledge imparted stays with the kids is necessary. BabyK is part of the new system, it seems that the bite-sized assessments did somehow meet the two requirements.

Few years back, someone asked if I am a “Tiger-Mum”. I remembered my reply was “Yes”.

But am I really one? This led me to wonder, the terminologies for different parenting style, Asian and Western.

First and foremost, the most renowned, Tiger-Mum (or Dad). Tiger Parent is known for putting excellence in academics and carefully chosen extracurricular above leisure time. This parenting style can be categorized as Authoritarian Parenting: Strict rules and instructions are given, hovering involved but may not offer much guidance.

Secondly, Dolphin Parent seeks collaboration, flexibility, and balance, which includes rest, exercise, and sleep. While insisting on things being done in a certain way, nurturing and communication is equally important. This is an Authoritative Parenting style: Highly involved with the studies of the children, instructions are given when needed but focus is guidance and learning from trial and error.

Thirdly, Elephant Parent values emotional security and connection, seek not to raise voices and value encouragement over academic or athletic success. A type of attachment parenting: Closeness fosters a strong family connection.

Next, Jellyfish Parent, an indulgent parent who allows the rules to be broken. While having expectations, you allow your child to get away easily. A Permissive Parenting: Staying out of kids' way, letting them figure things out on their own.

Lastly, Panda-Mum (or Dad). Panda Parent inspires their children to do things out of free will. Free-range Parenting: Encourage lots of independence, so long as law is followed.

“Am I a Tiger-Mum, babyK?” I asked.

She replied, “After reading this blog, I think you are in between an elephant or a dolphin.”

“Thank you.” I smiled, “I thought I am a Tiger-Mum.”

And we gave each other a cuddle.

Every child is a unique individual growing up in their own pace.

In our #SuddenLeeFam, we believe you must work towards the goals you set, short-term or long-term. The journey might be challenging but when you finally reach it with your effort, no matter what the outcome is, you have accomplished it Even if it is not as desired, there is no regrets. This is enough. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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# AphorismXinLiveBy “There is nothing difficult to him who will try”

# 芯的人生格言“天下无难事只怕有心人”

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