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How I met the founder of Urban Salvation

[ Hanafiee Azlee, 14th July 2021 ]

Can we really go against fate? The road that is destined for us? The journey that is meant specifically for you. What really scares me about fate is that it can come to you at any point in your life. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are currently doing, it can just surprise you. Every decision that we make in this life, will always have its boons and banes. Whether it is the right decision or not, it is something for us to think about. All I can say is that fate comes in many forms. Perhaps an instinct, or bumping into an old friend, or getting a job promotion.

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

Life is all about experiencing new things, making memories, and expanding your skills - to each their own. One functions well when they have a purpose to believe in. What do I believe in? I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that everyone you meet serves a purpose in your life.

Before I became a blogger, I was working in a plant nursery, selling plants to customers, advising them on how to take care of plants, repotting plants, and restocking pots. It was something that I loved doing. That was where I met Ahmad, the founder of Urban Salvation. He came down to the store to look for plants that will fit in his showroom. I came to his aid and toured him around the shop, explaining to him what plants will go well with the environment that he will be placing them in.

He stopped me and said,” That is not how you do sales.”

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

I went silent and my heart stopped beating for a moment. In the back of my mind, I was questioning myself. Where did I go wrong? Did I say something that offended him? I gathered my courage, laughed it off, and asked him why. He then told me to use words that attract customers into buying it. I should focus on not only selling the product but the story behind these products and use words that can be easily comprehended. Coming from someone who has been working in the sales industry for years, it opened my eyes and certainly broadened my knowledge. I was certainly shocked but thankful at the same time. He left the shop satisfied and gave me his contact number to keep in touch.

Weeks later, I received a call from Ahmad. I was confused at first but then curiosity took over me. I took several deep breaths and answered the call. Phew, I thought there was something wrong with the plants. He asked me about my well-being and how I am coping with school. I told him that I've resigned from my work with the sole purpose to focus on my studies, hence I couldn't help him if he has questions about the shipments of plants, etc. Ahmad assured me that that wasn’t the reason why he called me. He explained himself and told me that he wanted to create a community. A community where people are brave enough to voice out their thoughts. A community where their voices are being heard. He asked me if I was willing to be part of the community.

It all came down to me. Do I want my voice to be heard? Am I brave enough to do this? I told him to give me a few weeks to think about this offer and he was kind enough to give me the time that I needed.

After that day, I sought assurances from my loved ones and heard their thoughts about this offer. I even asked my lecturer about it. I was telling her about the good news, and she seemed to be supportive of me. She told me to go for it and see plants from another perspective. Instead of seeing it as a horticulture student, why not see it as someone who wants to spread the words of wisdom to the world. To this day, that conversation still struck me. It is like seeing life from another angle. Without any hesitation, I texted Ahmad and expressed my interest in joining the community.

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

And here I am now.

I have always been a firm believer in fate. What is meant for me, will always be for me and It is no surprise that all of this is fated. There was hard work involved, there will always be small hiccups here and there. Sometimes, fate needs a little push to align what's meant for us. What matters is that I was willing to try new things and to embrace changes and view matter from another angle. So, I will trust the journey that I am taking right now, view life from another perspective, and be ready for what is coming ahead.


Photos by Irfan Rosli (@_roniin)

Location: Urban Salvation Main Gallery

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