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Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space? By Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal

Plant stands by Ivy Muse

Hello everyone, we are back with another blog! I hope everyone has been okay and keeping yourself hydrated, especially during this burning time. Literally, I am sweating like crazy just typing this out! I realized that I talk so much about plants that are easy to take care of or plants that are pet friendly, plant lighting, the right amount of moisture, etc. However, I never really talked about how to style your room or house with the plants that you already own. I mean, why not greenify your living area? Making it more bearable and livable!

Well, the plant god has answered my doubts and prayers and I stumbled upon an amazing book written by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal called; Plant Style: How to greenify your space! They are Both Co-directors and founders of a brand called, Ivy Muse, where they create a more modern and minimalistic plant stands specifically for your beautiful plants! Ivy muse can be found in Melbourne and has beautifully prosper since 2014!

What caught my eyes and attention into buying this book is the idea of plant styling! I like how it all circles back to the theme of the room and the intention of the mood. Maybe perhaps for a modern and contemporary theme, a black plant stands put together with white peace lily may hit right off while a more nature in tuned theme may work well with a Pachira tree!

This book is honestly like my own plant bible, meshing with the whole idea of designing and creating comfortable spaces in your living room or bedroom! I will talk more about the topics I found interesting while reading this book!

What is plant styling?

“Every space in your home, no matter what size, is a unique opportunity to reflect who you are and what you love. It’s the small details that make a home – a tiny personal touch here, a much-loved object there – and plants, with all their superstar qualities, can really shine.”

I couldn’t agree more. Our homes are our temples where we resort for comfort and safety. So, why not beautify and utilize every living space we see with the things that comfort our eyes and our souls? I mean that if you are into plants and its environmental effect! Apparently plant styling has been around during the Egyptians period to use it as decorative items! It only then got popular during the 1970s! talk about FOMO?

Choosing your plant gang

“There is a huge range of commercially grown plants available nowadays. We are literally spoilt for choice, and new varieties are coming onto the market more regularly than ever before. It can be overwhelming, but a few basic guidelines make the process of choosing your plant gang a whole lot easier.”

But of course! Plants are the main ingredients here! However, choosing them can be quite of a big deal. They are all literally so beautiful and you would want to just keep all of them in the house but due to their own needs and requirements to thrive and prosper, it is a tad bit impossible to do so! One must learn and read up about the plants they wish to grow and nourish, that includes the placement of the plants in the desired place.

Plant Accessories

“Not only are there hundreds of plants to choose from, but there is also an exciting array of plants accessories to work with. The golden rule is that your accessories should complement your plants rather than overwhelm them. The plants are the real stars here.”

We have variety of colors, and pot design, plant shelves, hangers and many more! It all falls back to your design intentions and what message would you want to send out to your guests when they are in the living room or the kitchen, etc.

Plant styling Principles

“There are a few simple principles when it comes to styling with plants that you will come across again and again. Once you get the hang of them, they become second nature and the whole process gets easier. Practice really does make perfect, so don’t be afraid to have a go!”

Well Rome was not built in a day! It will take a while for you to call yourself the Master of Plant styling! However, with constant reading and searching and styling, of course, you will soon be able to find the inner designer within you, yearning to be let loose!

Caught your attention this far? Why not fully immersed yourself with this book and learn more about plant styling! I was so drawn in with the information that was written and stated in the book! I am sure you will to! Happy reading!

[ Written by Hanafiee Azlee, 27th May 2022 ]

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