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Style your Minimalist Dining Table

Athena Caldrone / Eyeswoon

So, you’ve got your dining table and more than enough dining chairs for family and guests, what’s next? Something that most homeowners don’t consider when browsing for home furniture, is how to style it in their home. Of course, the colours and overall dimensions are considered, but how often have you really considered how your dining table would look against a feature wall instead of a plain one, or what exactly should go on top of it?

Athena Caldrone/ Eyeswoon

1. Pick A Stunning, Tall Centrepiece

One-of-a-kind pottery pieces with rustic textures and organic forms will quickly elevate your dining room to the next level. Classy, elegant and still a humble display of understated design goes a long way. You’ve got a topic of conversation to start off with party guests and sharing a love for #supportinglocaltalents has always been a bonus!

Check out our friends from Ceramic House! Their pottery pieces are available for viewing at the Urban Salvation Gallery Space too!

Oribe III / Ceramic House

Shinrinyoku / Ceramic House

Athena Caldrone/ Eyeswoon

2. Curate a Group Centrepiece

As a child, I’ve watched my mother ponder over her dining table centerpiece for hours. A few easy guidelines to creating that group centerpiece would be to vary the height and texture of each piece, then keeping the colour palette to a more harmonious level.

Start off with a tall vase for example, and place a wooden fruit bowl beside it on top of a reflective tray. The reflective elements will create the illusion of a wider, open space whilst the textures bouncing off that reflection make it more amplified. From what was previously a subtle touch transforms into something much more glamorous, which will easily impress your guests.

3. Dry Flower Arrangements

Yes, we’ve all struggled with taking care of house plants. Even with advice from online communities and plant nurseries, even I’ve killed a succulent. Whoops, sorry Hanafiee! Dry flower arrangements are a great replacement and will last you a while. Visit your local florist for dry flower arrangements, which will absolutely cost you less than fresh flowers every 2 weeks. Stick to the dyed browns, greys or even tree branches for that rustic yet modern look.

Megan Stokes

4. Matching your Dining ware

Whether you prefer silverware or wooden dining ware, it’s always a great idea to have matching sets of cutleries. Consider the materials of your cutleries first before building around it. We’re talking round rattan placemats, vases, coasters and table runners. There’s an unlimited number of combinations you can create and keeping your colours cohesive whilst varying texture will go a long way to help you with versatility.

Jute or chiffon table runners are timeless and classic and also user-friendly whilst, rattan or woven seagrass coasters add that humble yet café chic element to your dining room. Especially pairing it with statement dining ware of paler or even white colour options, you’re creating that beautiful contrast of elements in your home.

There are countless things you can do to your dining room that will help transform it to the dining room of your dreams. But like most homeowners, sticking to a budget and using what you have and building on top of it, is one of the best options that can save you a pretty penny. Have fun!

Written by Diyana J/ 9 May 2022

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