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Leefam Adventures: Fullerton Hotel!

Written by Joanne L./ March 2022


Urban Salvation was founded in 2015 and it is growing since, was of no coincidence. US has created opportunities for locals. One of them is this blog section started about a year ago, a writing channel for empowerment, for sharing.

I was not too sure how I could contribute to this family. I was never close to being a writer, if reviewing my daughter’s composition counts. But I was assured by Diyana and Hanafiee that just sharing snippets of our simple days, is good!

Of course, we all wear many hats in life.

We are the son or daughter, sister or brother, father or mother, husband or wife, life partner, soulmate, employee, leader, team-mate, friend, and the list goes on and on. As a woman, I am proud to say that the role of a mother is the crown that I never regret putting it on. ‘Daughter’ and ‘life partner’ are the hats that I will not ever take off too.

We can feel burned out from our roles at times. So, I have quite a few aphorisms and one of them is “We work hard, we play hard.”

March one week term break is here. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we adopted travel locally to create our memories instead. Our not-so-tiny-but-forever BabyK hatched a 7km egg, Togepi in Pokemon-Go during this walking route.

7.30pm, we stepped out from Fullerton Hotel and the journey started from Cavenagh Bridge. We went for a close-up with Sir Stamford Raffles, the original dark bronze statue and the Clock Tower outside Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

Do you know that this first statue was relocated from its original location at the Padang in 1919 as it was often hit by flying footballs during games? It was also widely believed that during the Japanese Occupation, it had intended to be melted for its bronze.

Have you paid attention to the soothing chimes from the Clock Tower? It sounds ever quarter of an hour. However, the tune, Westminster Chimes is broken up into four parts, each part played 15 mins apart. It would, therefore, take one hour to hear the entire melody.


Strolling along, we stopped briefly for the swings at the Esplanade Park, quite a few kids were already playing there. Its wonderfully rare to have a public children’s playground in the heart of the city. Joggers were often seen jogging past us. One day, I would like to join in this city jogging experience. But first, we decided to fill up our stomach at the Esplanade before resuming to the Float @ Marina Bay, Helix Bridge, Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, the Promontory @ Marina Bay, Clifford Pier, One Fullerton. We had a great family bonding time.

Back to our room at almost 11pm. Soaking away the soreness in the tub then drifted into a sweet dream, getting ready for the next day excursion.

11am, we popped over to MacDonalds’ for lunch. It started to rain so our itinerary needed some adjustment. It was also one of the few occasions where we could get to dash in the rain because its holiday mood. It was a joyous 100 metre. Wet weather program, continue to laze in the room.

This late afternoon, we headed down towards Boat Quay, stopped at Clarke Quay Central for coffee, passing Hong Lim Park, Yueh Hai Ching Temple, cut through the fridge of the CBD area and ending it with dinner at a cosy café at the corner of One Fullerton. This marked the end of our 2 days travel local.

One more carefree night, snugging in our own bed. Work and homework resume from tomorrow onwards.

FullertonBears! #Fullertonstories

We were glad we chose Fullerton Hotel for our March Staycation. Thank you #FullertonStories for adding to our happy memories. We will be back to write more stories with you.

Friends of US, slowly but surely, I will recount our local experiences and learning milestones here. Hope you followed my footsteps and enjoy the walk too. See you soon!


#SuddenLeeFam #babyK # mamaJ # papaE

#AphorismXinLiveBy “Home is where the Heart is”

#芯的人生格言 “家是心之所在之处”

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