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As pictured above: The Plantonic 4-in-1 Plant Fertilizer Spray

Plants are complex beings that can be pretty challenging to maintain. There are certain factors that we need to consider to ensure that the plants we own yield quality produce. Factors such as lighting, temperature and water are definitely important as they are the source of nutrients for the plants. However, it may take awhile for the plants to uptake all the necessary nutrients for it to grow big and healthily. By applying external fertilizers, it will speed up the absorption of nutrients required for the plants to grow in a much more efficient manner.

Choosing fertilisers can be quite confusing and difficult. If you apply too much fertiliser, it may kill the plants as some fertilisers can be quite toxic if applied in large amounts. Hence, to avoid going through the hassle of researching and finding what fertilizers may be ideal to the proposed plants, I did my research and decided to learn more about Plantonic.

Plantonic believes in treating nature with natural benefits by using organic ingredients in their products. Their 4 in 1 fertiliser has the ability to revitalise soils, naturally repel houseplant pests, and claims to have the biological potential to cure any diseases or viruses found within the plant system.

So, what are the benefits of using plantonic?

It is known for its non-toxic chemical compound since it is made out of natural materials. The key ingredients of this product are Shilajit, seaweed, ginseng root, fruit peel, seed extract and tea leaves. All of these organic materials play a huge role in giving the plants the necessary nutrients they need to thrive and grow healthier.

Shilajit, is a chemical found in the Himalayan mountains that is created by the degradation of plants. Seaweed has been shown to stimulate plant growth while fruit peel is known to act as an effective natural fertiliser. These two materials are rich in nutrients such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, nitrogen and many more! All of these nutrients are essentials in ensuring that the plants are in good health and yield quality produce. Seed extracts prevents bacterial infestation while ginseng helps in boosting plant immunity. Tea leaves also found in the Plantonic product, help in improving soil health. As a horticulture student, I am amazed by the invention of such product, how each ingredient was carefully selected for its natural benefits and blended fully to help induce plant growth by way of natural produce. Talk about recycling!

So, how do we use the product?

The Plantonic 4-in1 fertiliser, which comes in a handy spray bottle, is a convenient way to ensure that your plants get all of the nutrients they need to thrive. All you have to do is spray the product on the underside and upper side of the leaves and the soil! Spray once a week for smaller plants and twice a week for bigger-sized plants! If you intend on purchasing the fertiliser, note that you should store the product at a room temperature.

One unique quality of this fertilizer is that it comes in a mist form which makes it convenient and user-friendly. All you need to do is spray it on the leaves which makes it easier to not damage the physiological aspect of the plants. They are unlike solid and liquid types of fertilizer that are more common in the market

which may contain high percentage of toxicity if applied in large amounts.

My personal experience:

I have been using Plantonic products for months now and honestly, I have seen results!

Hanafiee" Alocasia "Dark Velvet"

For example, my Alocasia “Dark Velvet” started to produce flowers after a few weeks of spraying it! It was honestly ground-breaking because the plants that I am currently taking care of never really produce any flowers until recently! Not only that, but my plants also started to yield quality and brighter coloured leaves. It certainly has helped my plants to grow bigger and healthier.

Hanafiee's Alocasia "Dark Velvet"

Of course, as we are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle, it is ideal for us to recycle organic materials to prevent any waste. In this case, recycling natural material such as fruit peels and seaweed, helps in combating houseplant pests by using organic material. It is indeed a good way for us to give back to nature by using the beneficial properties that can be found in them!


Photographs Taken by: Irfan Rosli @_Roniin

Location: Urban Salvation Gallery

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