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Solutions for Home-Entertaining Spaces

Written by Diyana Jailani / 17th September 2021

After a prolonged period of Stay-At-Home notices and the local government’s call to move forward from pandemic to epidemic, there’s an increasing decline in confidence of dining out. Though FNB and places of entertainment have opened up, many are citing caution reasons as to why they remain indoors in the safety of their homes.

So, what’s some of the easy ways to bring the ‘dining out’ experience to your homes?

1. Solace in Nature

After seeking solace in nature during the year 2020, there has been a need to integrate the outdoors in. Many have started becoming more active, jogging around their local neighborhoods or picking up cycling as a new hobby. Making space for these new hobbies is a great first step.

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We suggest making space for your new bicycles in your home. Wooden bike racks is a great way to store your bicycles without compromising space. I would argue that making room for your new hobbies and routines is the easiest way to make your homes more personalized.

2. At-Home Bar/Café

If you’re looking into creating your own casual home bars or cafes with a cup of coffee in hand, storing all your coffee needs and aesthetically-pleasing mugs in one place might be the best place to start. Start looking at trays made from natural materials, woods, rattans or weaves with luxurious embellishments to mimic the dining out experience.

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Cafes are no longer a luxury as many find it a comforting experience to have as part of their weekend routine. And for those who have chosen not to frequent cafes too often, bringing the lux ‘café experience’ into their homes has become a necessity.

3. Natural Tactile

As for interior-wise, there’s been an undeniable gravitation towards natural tactile experiences. Materials such as wood, linen, rattan and ceramics bring you a sensory experience that is both comforting and assuring. We’re ultimately attracted towards natural materials and palettes that bring a sense of familiarity of the outdoors into our homes.

Photographed by Irfan Rosli

As pictured above: Boards & Coasters by Urban Salvation

You can achieve this in many different ways. Greenery has been one of the earliest trends of 2021 with a rise in popularity of home plants, but there are also other methods that won’t be too time-consuming to care after. Home décor that uses rattan materials or woods is a great first step. If you’re looking into replacing old furniture or creating your own private ‘relaxation’ corner, you can also look into furniture that peruses rattan and warm rustic woods.

Photograped by Irfan Rosli
Photographed by Irfan Rosli

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