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The importance of having plants in your house! (Covid 19 Edition)

It is almost 2 years in since the whole pandemic took over the world, leaving us nothing but empty hopes and promises. As you guys know, Covid-19 or relatively known as Coronavirus disease 19, has taken a toll on all of our lives. It has made a detrimental impact to many existing businesses and caused a major economic downfall to many others. Not only that, but we also had to undergo global lockdown to further prevent the virus from spreading all over. This has definitely affected many mental and physical health along the way. Personally, I sought peace by being in one with nature and all things green. However, due to the lockdown, I felt trapped and tied down. It is good to be at home and be around your family, however it felt as if the air was somehow heavier and stuffier. It was the worst feeling. Though, I am constantly thankful and contented with having a roof on my head and food to eat. My heart sank to those out there who have it worse.

Within the circuit breaker period, i was finding ways to fill up the empty voids that I was feeling, one of them is plant-hoarding. Though we are not allowed to go out and buy plants or anything that is listed as unnecessary, I am very thankful that there are delivery services that were still going on. I, without hesitant, bought as many plants as I can. It became a new addiction for me. I guess in a way, it became some sort of a coping mechanism for me. Seeking peace from all things small and green. Long story short, that is how I became a plant daddy. Some of the plants that I bought 2 years ago, are still thriving and making their presence known. These plants helped me throughout those times when I can barely catch a breath of fresh air.

Not long ago, I was known to be Covid positive and had to isolate myself for about a week. This has caused me severe anxiety distress and felt as if I was locked up within my own space and thoughts. However, it was much more bearable than the circuit breaker period thanks to the plants that are living in my room. It was not that stuffy, and I constantly felt enlightened whenever I woke up from my naps. Though I was sick, it did not feel like it. My eyes are soothed by the ever-luscious leaves. It was as if I was in my own garden

So, why is it important to have plants in your house?

As many of you guys know, most plants help with absorbing bad particles or pollutants that are floating in the air, from a microscopic perspective. It makes the air much clearer and lighter to breathe in. That beneficial aspect itself is quite self-explanatory and one of the biggest advantages of having plants growing in your house. It just makes isolation a little more bearable than before! Here are a few plants that are quite fast-growing and easy to take care of!

· Snake plants, a.k.a Sansevieria trifasciata

· Peace lily, a.k.a Spathiphyllum wallisii

· Money plants, a.k.a Epipremnum aureum

· English Ivy a.k.a Hedera helix

Not only does it make your environment a much cleaner one, but it also helps with soothing your eyes and headaches. A study was conducted to further analyse human’s physiological & psychological of foliage plants as visual stimuli. Few volunteers participated and came down to get assess and compare the psycho-physiological impacts of four different visual stimuli: a real plant, a fake plant, an image of a plant, and no plant.

The profile of mood state and semantic differential approaches were used to assess subjective evaluations of emotions immediately after exposure to each visual stimulus. The presentation of the actual plants was linked to a considerable drop in theta waves in the frontal lobe. The observation of living plants improved the attention and focus of primary kids, according to this response. Additionally, the presence of living plants was linked to more pleasant mood states, such as sensations of comfort and naturalness. In conclusion, plants have been shown to improve focus and provide psychological tranquillity.

If you are compassionate with growing house plants and have thought of opening up your own plant business, do consider growing them yourself! Since the plant has the ability to create its clone just by cutting them and propagating, it is so convenient to get the necessary resources you need just by growing one plant! And you can definitely gain profit just by doing so. Financially, this can be your side hustle! Shifting passion into a business, what can go wrong? Especially, living in the pandemic, it is hard to find a job nowadays. Well, I guess this can be an alternative platform for you to earn yourself some coins!

Plants in general have the ability to give us, human, a sense of attraction and attachment. It gives us meaning to life and the most accurate representation of life and death. It shows that all beautiful things have an ending and what matters most Is appreciating every breath that we inhale and exhale. The beauty of it all is that it constantly grows and adapts, no matter where and when. Throw them the darkest storm and the strongest wind, they will learn to thrive and grow within the environment they are in.

Perhaps, we could learn something from them!

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