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The Struggles of a 20 Year-old Student creating a Portfolio. Terarrium Class!

The First Test Class Special thanks to Natasha, Rachel and Liyana!

Ah, terrariums; the wonderful small glass bowl that is filled with succulents, Fittonia, Air plants, and perhaps even insects. I don’t know about you guys but I love terrariums as it is as if I am creating my own world, creating living habitats for the plants that I have planted in my glass bowls and to see them thrive under my care fills me up with nothing but happiness. It does touch my heart or maybe I am just too emotional? I don’t know.

Nonetheless, I am honestly so happy that I am able to host a terrariums workshop, working together with my Diyana and Zul, discussing business with Ahmad and Eden, having such supportive friends coming over for the trial class that we had on 5th December. I enjoyed every process. Though it can be challenging at some points. Since I am new to this, I always felt as if everything had to be tip-top and 100% flawless.

All small details were looked upon and it builds a heavyweight, considering that this is my first time ever hosting a class to the public. I felt every type of emotion, running through my veins and it reached up to my cranium. Heavy the head that wears a crown they say. So I just thought to myself, considering this is a good opportunity to expand my social circle and garden of knowledge, might as well go forward without looking back.

Natasha doing the last finishing touches on her terrarium!

I forgot that I could always count on my colleagues as they are willing to help me. I always felt as if it was specifically my terrarium workshop, I had to get all the things done by myself, and shoulder the responsibility alone without the risk of putting burden on the others- which is in a way, good, considering that I had no intention into troubling others with me. However, that is not a good mental mindset when working in any company. I am blessed that my colleagues here at Urban Salvation are very understanding of my wants and needs. There will be some things that we need to compromise for the whole team to have a middle ground to agree on, such as time, ideas, thoughts, and definitely heaty business meetings. However, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Everyone is willing to listen to each other’s opinions and thoughts and we are not afraid to voice out our opinions about the topics we are touching on.

Urban Salvation's Glass Bowls with Driftwood Base

I have a habit of taking things personally. I admit that sometimes I do have trouble separating matters between personal and professional issues. There are times where we could simply be discussing on how we can better improve the workshop, I will feel anxious, drowning myself in my own thoughts and doubts. I mean, don’t we all sometimes? Although, I am very lucky that I am able to get assurance from my friends and colleagues who ensured me that I was on the right path and continue supporting me no matter what. It can get pretty heavy, conducting a class, not knowing who you will be meeting along the way and who you will be teaching. It gives me a great opportunity to meet total strangers and bond over the love and beauty of nature. I mean, how beautiful is that?

Completed Terarrium Bowl with Succulents

To be honest, when I first entered the Urban Salvation Gallery, I saw this huge molten glass bowl that had a unique bottom designed to fit perfectly onto a driftwood base. I was amazed by how the glass just fit perfectly onto the base, the design was sturdy yet intricate. I have never seen such designs in my life before. There were plentiful of empty glass bowls around the gallery.

As I strolled around the gallery, admiring the works done by the talented Indonesian aritsans, suddenly a thought came running,” What if those empty glass bowls were filled with plants? What if the shop is filled with terrariums? What if we could hold a terrarium workshop?”

That was when I sat the team down and proposed a terrarium workshop for the public. The main goal was to expand and reach out to those who are interested in making terrariums together with their loved ones or even as a solo activity! Despite all of these new and challenging thoughts, I managed to ground myself and find meaning to all of this.

Rachel with her completed terrarium!

What will I be getting from hosting a terrarium workshop? What can I benefit from this? That questions still linger around me for a while. Maybe, it is because I have yet to actually start the workshop and meet new people from different backgrounds. I will definitely find an answer behind all of this. Not saying that I have not reaped its benefits yet. Gaining new knowledge, given an opportunity to host a class and working with wonderful people is already a benefit! Maybe I will soon find an answer to what I am finding and questioning within myself. Growth is a quiet process. You and only you will know when you have reached your optimal self.

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