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TOP 3 Interior Design Trends

Written by Diyana J / 27th September 2021

We tap into 2021’s hottest interior styling trends and break them down to their basic elements; so that you can do it too!

1. A Spoonful of Soul

We all have our self-care rituals. Whether it’s a cup of black coffee in the morning or an elaborate collection of house plants to care for, making space for these routines in the pursuit of inner calm and fulfilment has become a necessity. The easiest way to do this is to dedicate a portion of your space specific for this routine accordingly.


Bring the Outdoors In

Dedicating a portion of your living room to an ever-growing collection of house plants is the best way to bring nature indoors.

Having natural daylight bouncing off of white/cream walls gives an illusion of a wider space, which also is integral to that zen moment. Window blinds, sheer day curtains and a bright colour palette will compliment this perfect green haven.


Breakfast/Reading Nooks

Always wanted to have your own home café? Choose an intimate dining space over open-concept dining rooms. Warm tones, chevron flooring, and a dose of greenery easily sets the mood for your early morning coffee.

Choose a corner of your living space that has access to the most amount of light. Brightening your home has always been key in creating peaceful environments – and a key element countless interior designers and stylists use to their advantage.

2. Eclectic Academia

If you enjoy retro or vintage styles, there’s a high chance you favor timeless design over others. You’re attracted to materials such as soft velvet, brass, and pairings of dark woods and deep blue tones. Introducing these elements with selected furniture and wall art is the easiest way to tap into the era of yesteryear.


This cocktail room pairs together dark green walls and dark flooring to achieve that modernesque aesthetic. Pair it with selected brass features and a statement cognac-toned sideboard, brings a touch of warmth to an otherwise dark environment.

Balancing a variety of different materials is key; from dark woods to brass features and rattan panels. When carefully put together in consideration of their characteristics, you’ll end up with a beautifully breath-taking environment that combines modern and vintage influences.

3. Natural Spaces

Making use of natural textures, tones and materials has always given the impression of handmade-artistry. Rawness in textures and color choices is the best way to frame this. Achieving this down-to-earth environment requires usage of natural materials in a way that is purposeful for a humble living.


Choose color schemes with a beige undertone that give off the same authentic image as wooden handcrafted coffee tables or dining tables. Rattan fixtures and floral placements also bring nature’s benefits into our homes that frame a serene environment – which is why timeless design styles such as Japandi, Modern Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern have proven to become popular choices over the past few years.


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