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Top 5 High Maintenance plants

So I have been boasting about the plants that are always so easy to take care of and require low maintenance. If you’ve been reading my previous blogs, you would know by now that i really admire low maintenance plants so well because firstly, they are so easy to take care of, secondly, i am so busy with my internship right now, i do not have the time to check on them on a daily basis. I do check on them every 2-3 days though but it is always just an overview of everything. However, under neglect, some of my plants do thrive so well. One example is my Philodendron micans, it is growing so long and healthy. Henceforth, low-maintenance plants will always be the best and I will always recommend them to my friends, despite how experienced they are with plants.

Hence, this blog is dedicated to those plant owners who are up for some challenges to maintain these beautiful plants in their homes or simply to those who are curious and want to learn more about plants that require a bit more attention than usual. Without dragging it any further, let us head on to the top 5 High maintenance plants!

Disclaimer: This is just based on my opinion and personal experience.

Calathea species

Calatheas are native to the Americas' tropical regions. They're prone to diseases like root rot and are sensitive to excessive or insufficient water. They're also sensitive to salt, so only use filtered water when watering them. These high-maintenance houseplants do, however, have one redeeming quality: they thrive in low-light environments. Now, you know one of the tricks of owning a Calathea plant

Orchid species

There are some 28,000 species of orchid and the one thing they all have in common is their reputation for being the divas of the plant world. These high-maintenance flowers need lots of direct sunlight but are sensitive to too much heat. Considering the fact that we are in Singapore, the heat is unforgivable

Stromanthe species

Stromanthe plants usually have variegated leaves, depending on the species. The more sunlight they get, the more variegated the leaves will be. Native to the tropical parts of the Americas, Stromanthe needs lots of humidity: you’ll need to mist the plant every day. However, this makes Stromanthe a good plant to have in the bathroom. So, do place your Stromanthe species wisely!

Alocasia species

Native to the tropical and subtropical parts of Australia and Asia, elephant ears add a dramatic touch to any room. They need good light and humidity to thrive. You’ll need to mist the leaves frequently without leaving the leaves wet. You’ll also need to wipe the leaves clean once a week and protect the plant from pests such as spider mites. Such a work huh?

Tradescantia zebrina

Except for frost protection, the wandering Jew, also known as the inchplant, does not require much in the way of light, water, or temperature. The fact that you have to pinch back the growing tips on this plant to keep it looking good makes it a high-maintenance plant. Sad news, my Tradescantia zebrina always die :(

Alright, i have done my part in listing down all of the possible high maintenance plants and its setbacks. There are definitely more high-maintenance plants in the list. So right now if you guys still proceed into owning those plants then I wish you guys all the best! i know you guys can do it! It is just based on how willing you are in investing your time with these plants! nonetheless, it will look beautiful!

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