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What it means to create a Minimalist Home.

Written by Diyana J. 6th August 2021

This isn’t my first run-in with the term “Minimalism”. In fact, it feels as though the majority of us view Minimalism as a simple, no-stress lifestyle, made perfect, elegant, classy, timeless. You keep only what you need and discard what you don’t- a no fuss, no stress living space with four blank white walls.

The term “Minimalism” is overused. It’s done over and over with no basic understanding of what it truly means. What design inspirations and write-ups you’ve consumed over the internet have been Ctrl C + Ctrl V commands from one magazine to another, thoroughly filtered opinions of creative conversations and made consumable for the masses.

When you were attracted to this blog, what you were seeking for was how to achieve a picture-perfect home stripped of vibrant colours and complicated details. Yes, I understand the appeal in that. There is an undeniable attraction in black and white photographs, and artwork with neutral tones – details we overlooked before are brought out through the use of light and shadow, textures and linework or lack thereof in negative space.

So, think simple but intricate. Use one colour palette and stick to it- the goal is to ensure cohesiveness. Less is more because nothing speaks louder than empty space. Organize, organize, organize. No form of mess is allowed.

To create a minimalist home is to create a home that simplifies your lifestyle.


Photographed by Irfan Rosli

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