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Why is rose considered the symbol of love?

[ Hanafiee Azlee, 10th February 2022 ]

It is the season of love. The only month that is believed to be full of nothing but pure happiness and amorousness, if it ever comes to that. Okay to be honest, this is quite a stressful month for me because I am single. I know right, pretty surprising. This will be the month where couples are scattered everywhere, on the social media, on the streets, everywhere. I am not saying that they are not everywhere every other month. However, it is just the month of February, where couples are just so distinctive. Maybe because they are everywhere on social media platforms, posting cute videos together, doing romantic activities together. Maybe, I am just envious of them. Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I do not want this blog to become a pity party for me. Calling all those who are not romantically acquainted, I love you and it is just not our time yet and that is okay.

Alright, let me cut down to bass tracks and the sole purpose of me typing this blog out. Why is the flower rose, Rosa, from the family of Rosaceae, is considered the symbol of love, the eye of romance? Okay, well it actually depends. Colours play a huge role in activating human’s emotions. Here is the list of colours that are related to or defined as human’s emotions:

  • Red: Love, Energy, Strength

  • Orange: Confidence, Bravery

  • Yellow: Happiness, warmth, Cheer

  • Green: Healing, Peace, Refresh

  • Blue: Tranquillity, Sad, At ease

  • Pink: Passionate, sweet

  • Purple: Ambitious, Thoughtful, Imaginative

  • Brown: Dependable, Genuine

  • Black: Power, Formality

  • White: Simplicity, Purity

So, knowing that roses come in different variety of colours, they can all mean different things. However, on Valentine’s Day, the colour red seems to be the most prominent out of all, associating with the feeling of desires and love!

Roses draw us back all the way to the ancient roman’s era. It identifies as the flower of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and passion. The goddess once healed and saved an injured soldier with a rose’s oil and called it the immortal oil of the rose. Many of the eastern countries still use the flower rose to help heal the injured and extract its oil for aromatherapy. Some of the citizens of the world still worship Aphrodite and highly look upon Roses. Flowers were first used as a technique of communicating unspoken feelings by the Victorians. Passion and romantic love have long been associated with red roses. Every petal on a wedding carpet reflects the fragility and grandeur of a rose.

A rose is used to represent grief during funerals, in addition to being the ideal of love and happiness. Most people simply go to the store and buy a bouquet for a loved one, but some individuals enjoy nurturing and growing these eye-soothing beauties in their own gardens.

In accordance with ancient tradition and the ever-evolving era, roses are being highly commercialised in a bouquet to express unspoken emotions. A gesture of romance, tightening one’s connection and strengthening one’s emotion. Right now, giving out flowers are not the only gesture that is considered to be sweet or cute. Chocolates and gift cards and even small mini albums, compiling of sweet memories are a thing. Honestly, I would die to get myself any of those romantic gestures.

Well of course, If you are looking for something unique and interesting, you can always come by our terrarium workshop and curate your own terrarium as a symbol of love give your loved ones. In true honesty, every small little gift matters, as long as it comes within your very own heart. It is time to ask your crush out on a date or unearth your hidden emotions to someone you really care about because if not now, then when?

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