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MAIA Armchair is designed with of our sister piece, the MAIA Dining Chair, in mind. A chair can only be called an armchair when someone sits on it and does not take long to get comfortable in it. Come and help MAIA sisters to find out how well they fulfiled their duties. 
A Chaise Longue has a long, storied place in history, backdating to ancient Egypt. It was the most important piece of furniture, providing an in-between daybed and chair that served as a place of repose in the arid climate. In US, we love to mix things up with modern elements to keep pieces from looking too dated.

MAIA Longue Chair

  • Material: Teak, Leather

    Length: 90cm

    Width: 60cm

    Height: 50cm / 95cm



    *All our furniture are handcrafted, wood grains are distinct and unique to each piece. Due to screen differences, the actual color may vary slightly.

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