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Roots are often left behind from various woodworking projects as it is difficult to work with and not suitable to be use.

However, skilled artisans can repurposed and transform these into beautiful and unique pieces. After cleaning and drying, heating and shaping; it is then ready to be used as the base. Next, they will use a blowpipe to blow air and the molten glass, creating a unique form and pattern. Once the bowl has been formed, it is carefully placed on top of the root and allowed to fuse together as it cools and sets. This organic-looking art piece that showcases the contrast between the smooth, transparent glass bowl and the rough, textured surface of the wood is now ready to create a striking visual effect anywhere.

The finished bowl can be used for keeping small fishes, terrarium bowl, holding small items, or simply displayed as a decorative piece.


Every piece is different, head down to US gallery to pick the one and bring it home with you.

Molten Glass Bowl on Teak Root

  • Material: Molten Glass, Teak wood root

    Size: Small, Medium, Large



    *All our furniture are handcrafted, wood grains are distinct and unique to each piece. Due to screen differences, the actual color may vary slightly.

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